Purchasing Manager

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Department Materials Management
Job Title Purchasing and Materials Manager
Position Reports To Plant Manager
Wage Range
Type of position:
X  Full-time
Hours:  40-45 / week


Lead the Purchasing and Materials Management Department.  Responsible for all functions of Purchasing, Materials Management & Inventory Control.  These tasks will be executed by the development, implementation, input & maintenance of purchasing files, records, inventory control files, Bill of Materials and related documents.


  • Maintain partner / vendor relations.
  • Look for alternative sourcing partners as needed
  • Attend kick-off meetings to identify long lead time items and answer availability questions.
  • Obtain drawings / instructions of purchasing items as requested by engineering.
  • Research best pricing, monitor inventory levels, distribute supplies, and negotiate contracts.
  • Ensure items received into inventory and pulled from inventory and issue to work orders.
  • Establish Tier I, II, and III suppliers for critical components.
  • Create new part numbers / descriptions in Global Shop as necessary.
  • Create new vendor accounts in Global Shop as necessary.
  • Working with Controller lead physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Follow up to make sure product will be received in time to meet deadlines – run open PO report daily
  • Oversee warehouse personnel to ensure correct product is received and issued to projects.
  • Review Bills of Materials to ensure consistency across Masaba product lines
  • Update work orders with updated BOM requirement so proper items are demanded/issued in the ERP system
  • Perform WIP to finish goods on all work orders completed on the shop floor to ensure all work orders are closed properly
  • Attend final inspection meetings of equipment to ensure sourced items are installed based on final sales order
  • Manage warehouse inventory  to ensure levels are not in excess or depleted for long lead items
  • Review / approve / maintain service contracts for consumables and gasses
  • Work as liaison between all departments for ERP functionality and accurate implementation


  • 5  years in experience in purchasing, or materials management manufacturing preferred
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Familiarity with Global Shop ERP system
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Excellent organizational management skills.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Business


-Pre-Employment Drug Screen

  • Health Assessment Questionnaire or medical examination