Coyote Twin Theater/Vermillion Cultural Assoc.

Coyote Twin Theater/Vermillion Cultural Assoc.


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About Us

In July 1, 2015, the Vermillion Cultural Association purchased the Coyote Twin Theater to preserve it from abandonment and demolition. Since then, we have—with the help of some key partners, including VCDC—renovated and refreshed both auditoriums and our lobby; purchased state-of-the-art sound, projection, and lighting for the theaters; and built a cinema culture that Vermillion and the greater community can be proud of.

The Vermillion Cultural Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the inclusion of art in everyday life. We independently own and operate the Coyote Twin because we believe in the necessity and power and fun of movies. It's a labor of love as much as it is our mission. You can learn more about our other endeavors at

While streaming and rental services offer film lovers a wide variety of entertainment to enjoy in the privacy of their homes, watching a film on the big screen is a rich and irreplaceable experience—for one thing, we have better popcorn! Hope to see you at our local, nonprofit cinema soon.


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Our fully renovated side 1 auditorium.
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