Heck's Dakota Style BBQ



About Us

Heck's BBQ is a family owned business based in Vermillion, SD. Heck's represents over 70 years of BBQ tradition.

Heck's BBQ has a long history in Vermillion with traditions going back over 70 years. The sauce recipe was created by Heck Harnois back in the 30's and still remains a well kept secret. We honor Heck and the traditions established by the Norway rib eaters by cooking our ribs and other BBQ items over corncobs. This is something that is unique to South Dakota. To our knowledge, Heck's is the only licensed BBQ vendor in the US that uses cobs as a preferred fuel source.

Heck's has a full catering menu for those interested in hosting events in SE South Dakota. Check us out at Hecksbbq.com.