John A. Conkling Distributing



About Us

At Conkling Distributing, we pride ourselves on being an industry leading distributor of beer, wine, and liquor products with best in class service. Our team of dedicated employees bring local knowledge and a passion for growing the beer industry. Working with our local retailers, Conkling Distributing has grown to be the market leader in the communities that we service.

Conkling Distributing covers southeast South Dakota for all your alcohol wholesale distribution needs. We have a fleet of vehicles to get whatever size order to you within whatever time constraints you have. Our retail clients know that they can count on us to make the right recommendations for the latest popular adult drink trends, to capitalize on the newest products our breweries have to offer. Craft brews change seasonally, and we know the best time and products to buy, because if it is not in your establishment we are distributing to, you are missing out on potential sales! We pride ourselves with knowing Midwestern purchasing trends, so we know when it is time to buy certain brews. We can help you find the right quantity and styles for the number of consumers coming to your establishment, so you do not have products on your shelves collecting dust.