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About Us

Triumph Chiropractic a holistic health clinic offering chiropractic in a way that is gentle, yet highly effective. Through the neurological adjustments, we help patients achieve their health goals. We empower people to know how to not only take care of themselves better, but also their whole family. People leave here feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Dr. Kirstin is an Elk Point native, born and raised. After high school she attended SDSU studying Nutritional Sciences until transferring to Northwestern Health Sciences University where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Kirstin is certified in a neurologically based technique called Torque Release Technique (TRT). Along with her extra nutritional training, Dr. Kirstin is excited to bring whole health and wellness to the area. Her greatest passion is teaching people about taking charge and taking care of their health naturally. As a wife and mother of two boys, she strives to educate herself as much as she can to keep her family healthy. With that information, Dr. Kirstin wants to educate all those around her so they too can keep their family healthy.


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