USD Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic

About Us

Communication is at the foundation of all human relationships. Unfortunately, an estimated 42 million Americans have a communication disorder that makes simple tasks frustrating or even impossible. The field of communication sciences and disorders serves those with these challenges by evaluating, diagnosing and treating disorders related to speech, language and hearing.

At USD, our faculty are active scholars and practitioners of speech-language pathology and audiology who have a shared goal to prepare forward-thinking professionals in the discipline of speech, language and hearing. Our undergraduates take part in a preprofessional degree program that is a blend of a liberal arts foundation and a general core curriculum in basic communication sciences and disorders of communication. Graduate students in our audiology and speech-language pathology programs complete coursework and on-site clinical experiences with dedicated faculty mentorship. Those who complete our programs enter the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology as academically, clinically and ethically prepared professionals.

All students graduate from our department's programs as critical thinkers who are able to evaluate and apply existing and future information, methodologies and technologies so as to meet the needs of individuals with communicative disorders in a rapidly changing world.